Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adventures Galore!

To be completely honest, New Zealand is really great. I have been having quite the time. Last friday, I went and Bungy jumped the Nevis which is the highest bungy jump in Austrolasia with a 134m freefall. It was amazing! The next day, we did a 6 hour Rogain, which is biking around while navigating and looking for check points! It was great fun- all in the rain- but it was an adventurous experience!

The snow has arrived in Queenstown so on Sunday we hiked up one of the ski field mountains, Coronet Peak, and snowboarded down. It was just spectacular. To finish the day off, I wnt for a nice paddle on Lake Wakatupu. Not even going to lie- I slept pretty well that night!

Heres some pictures:

The snow is here which means the skiing will start! The Snow Farm is potentially opening this weekend- Wooohooo! Prepare yourselves for some fun!

NORMA ammunition