Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back at it!

I have now been home for 5 days and am starting to feel better. I was very sick and tired for 3 days and  yesterday I started feeling better.  I have started to train again with Petr and am getting back into the rhythm of things. It is exciting. The conditions here in Canmore are perfect, -10 and snowing today. There are a lot of athletes training here from all over the world preparing for the cross-country world cup on the 5th and 6th of February. It is exciting stuff!

I leave for Whistler on the 8th of February, next Monday.

Hope everyone is well!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The BIG news...

At 10:21am I received an email from Biathlon New Zealand; Title read "NZL Reallocation process OWGs 2010 WOMEN". This was the email we have all been waiting for. As soon as I read the word "Congratulations" I knew. The IBU had allocated a spot for New Zealand in the Olympics.

I was then officially named to the New Zealand 2010 Winter Olympic team. 

I am going to the 2010 Olympics as New Zealands first biathlete ever. I am making history, I am going to complete my life long goal, and this will hopefully help, big time, in the development of the sport in New Zealand.

I am over the moon.  (Strange saying, really)

I am currently running on adrenaline as I am so extremely jetlagged as I arrived at 4am after 3 days travel home.

Thank you to everyone for everything. This was our goal and without all your support and generosity I would not be here writing these unbelievable words.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I have to say a HUGE thank you to:  

They saved me when I was stranded in an Italian hospital with a stomach infection by packing all my gear, staying an extra night, and driving me to Munich the next day AS WELL as re book my flight to Canada, contact my insurance company and contact my family. Thank you so so so so much. Also to Rudy with the IBU and all the paramedics and doctors in Antholz and Bruneck. I am en route to Canada, leaving tomorrow morning from Munich! THANK YOU EVERYONE for helping me! This is when it is tough without a team, but everyone is so friendly!


Friday, January 22, 2010


I am so....shocked, excited, happy, exhausted! Today I qualified for the 10km Pursuit race on Sunday. Only the top 60 get to race and this is my first time ever qualifying for a pursuit on World Cups. It is going to be interestingly fun, I hope!

I am feeling better and better on my skis. Ukraine, ONCE AGAIN, waxed a great pair of skis. I came in for my prone and hit all 5! YES! There was a German girl shooting at the same time so they were cheering like mad for her, but I was secretly telling myself it was for me. Haha. I'm a nerd, but whatever gets you going I guess. I came in for standing and decided to shoot on lane 30 as it was in the shade. Bad idea as it made an awful noise against the wall and i ended up missing 2. I went out and skied my penalty loops and back out on course.

At the start of my third loop I did not feel as good, but then I told myself "Sarah, this is your last race before the Olympics. Get up that dang hill. What is the problem here?". Well, there was no problem so I got up the hill and finished in 47th!!! Out of 100 competitors. I was top half and my second best result on the World Cup. (45th in Antholz out of 90 women). I AM SO PUMPED!

I was also informed this morning that I have been named to the New Zealand Olympic Team, PENDING alocation. I was told today I will not find out until January 28th! Scary stuff, but I am feeling so good and excited to Peak at the Olympics!

Woo! Go Team Go!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Sarah Murphy has been selected as New Zealand's first Olympic biathlete pending confirmation of a quota spot from the International Federation.

sprint tomorrow- Antholz

Starter #70 tomorrow for the sprint. Watch it live at:, starts at 2:15pm Italy time. 12 hours ahead of NZ and 8 hours ahead of Canada

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Old-lady-who (I didn't know you could yodel!)

Sooooooo.......I just found out how to read peoples comments on my blog. Thank you so much everyone! You are all so unbelievable and the support is absolutely amazing!

Mark Raymond, Maria Greinwald, and I are going to ski to Austria today! You can go on an amazing ski up to the top of the pass and have a wee treat in the little cafe at the top. I am going to yodel from the top- Hope you will all hear it!

Antholz- 15km individual

The big one is over; the Individual. We had not had a World Cup Individual race since Pokjluka, which was before Christmas. I had some issues during the zero, and went to the start line frustrated, and not completely into the race. I was starter 57 and the conditions were perfect- tiny bit of wind and clear blue skies. It is absolutely gorgeous here.

I came in for my first prone, things looked good, but then I missed two. Then I came in for my 2nd shooting, standing, things looked good, but then I missed 2. But you know what? I felt so great on my skis. I was so happy and really enjoying the race. It was amazing. My next prone I missed 1 and my next standing I also missed 1. So 6 misses total, adding 6 minutes to my time and putting me 8mins 35 seconds behind total. But I just didn't want to stop skiing. I was feeling just splendid.

My final place was 66th, which is my 2nd best place in a World Cup. This means I skied very well for me. If I hate hit all 20 I would have been 18th, but you cannot say that in Biathlon. But it really shows how much I have improved since the beginning of the season, as in Ostersund if I had shot clean I would have been in 77th position. I am so pleased with my improvement, and I am only feeling stronger and stronger!

Next race is on Friday and it is the sprint! Woo! Hold on to your pants!

Monday, January 18, 2010


I made it to Antholz safe and sound and it is so amazing. It is absolutely gorgeous and the trails are perfect. The elevation is 1700m or so and we are right at the top of a pass. You can even ski around a lake at the top, and ski to the top of the pass into Austria.

Also. CONGRATS to the Albertans (and Matt) going as team Canada to WJCH in Sweden: Joel Pacas, Scott Gow, Matt Neuman, Tana Chesham, Christian Gow, Aaron Gillmor and Kurtis Wenzel!! You guys are awesome!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Raving Ruhpolding!

I like Ruhpolding. I have decided that it is a pretty neat place. The atmosphere is amazing with all the fans and the excitement that is reverberating from the crowd is just incredible. I have a problem in Ruhpolding that I cannot stop smiling when training, and even racing. I just really enjoy it here.

The conditions were perfect on race day: No wind and fast tracks. Our race was not until 5:30pm and I did not start until 6:10pm. It is tough when racing so late because you have to try and do nothing, or very little, all day and not think to much about what is coming up. I headed to the range at 3pm and tested my skis, which Ukraine waxed phenomenally, as usual! I was starter 88 out of 118 which was alright. I had been feeling a bit sick for the last two days in my stomach and gobbled down 3 pieces of bread before my race just to try to settle it. I guess it worked because I felt much better once start time came.

I hit all 5 prone and was so excited! Woo...clean. I have been training since I was 13 in biathlon, and it is still so exciting when I shoot clean. I think it will always be exciting to hit all the targets, no matter what! I hit 4 standing, so 9/10! Yes- I was pumped-olad!

My skiing felt fine, legs were a bit tired but I think everyone's are after those dang hills. Why do I like Ruhpolding again....oh right, because of the atmosphere, because it sure isn't the course- It's a toughy!
I ended up 87th, which is my 3rd best result on World Cup.

I am staying with Anna Carin Oloffson-Zidek, Tom Zidek and their son Liam and Petr Zidek. It's nice because we can cook our own meals and just chill and hang out. So, I was 87th and Anna won the womans sprint, so I am sharing a house with a superstar. Hopefully some of her powers will rub off on me! Haha.

Anyways, I am off to Italy on Sunday for the next World Cup and then home to Canada! Woot woot!

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 is an awesome year so far...

Well, I did it. I DID IT! I DID IT! 
 Today was the woman's 7.5km Sprint in Oberhof Germany. It was chilly, -10, windy and foggy. Very difficult conditions for shooting. I was starter 54 out of 95 or so. Group 3 was very popular as many believed the track would get faster and faster. I chose group 3 because I can only choose between group 3 and 4 and starting last is lame. Welcome to the back of the pack, you faster athletes. Get on the party train.

I was able to get some physio the night before from the Swedish teams physio because I did not want my leg to act up again. It was good and I was feeling great the next day. I had been having some problems with my sights not moving great on my rifle all week, and the same thing happened this morning so I was so frustrated at zero and left to start the race not so pleased.

So 2:54pm rolls around and I start. The Oberhof World Cup was sold out, around 17000 spectators or something crazy. Usually I have no one on the hills cheering for me and all the coaches stare at me like I am from outer space, but TODAY I had HUNDREDS of people cheering. Maybe not for me, but it still felt awesome. Haha.

So my first shooting I came in and wasn't sure about the wind. I don't remember if I clicked or not, but I missed my first prone and thought "crap, this is going to be awful". But then I hit the next 4. Woo! Around the penalty loop and back out on track. Peter Zidek was on the big hill and it was SO exciting having a coach to run out on course and yell who-knows-what in my general direction. It was very motivating, even if I didn't hear what he was saying. In to the range again for standing and I was a bit nervous as my standing has not been top-notch this year. The wind was...You know what, I don't really remember. The best races, at least for me, are the ones that just happen without thinking. So the wind was doing something, and I hit all 5! Yessss....I do remember thinking I was cross-firing or doing something wrong because they were all going down and nothing ever seems to go so smoothly for me! So, no penalty loops and I ate that last loop up. I don't know how awesome I looked but I skied like a mad woman, or tried to atleast.

I finished in 31st position. This was very exciting for me as usually I finish on my number (ie. 54th) or after it (57th). But today I finished ahead! I ended up 45th position and 12.06% behind the leaders. What is the New Zealand qualification? 12.5%. Which means....I DID IT! I qualified for the 2010 Olympics. Ballin.

Now, don't get excited everyone. There is still one more thing. The IBU has set this nation ranking thing. Top 27 nations have definite spots, and if they do not fill their quota then they do a countback. I am nation #33. We will not find out if I have a spot until January 25th. 3 more weeks and we will know if I will go or not. AHHHHHHHHH!

What a day!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Overwhelming Obertilliach!!!!

Incredible: That is how the last two weeks have been. I have been training in Obertilliach, Austria which is a very popular training spot over Christmas for biathletes. There is one bakery, and only restaurants in the hotels, so not much happening which makes it perfect for training. After our crazy blizzardy Christmas day the conditions were absolutely perfect. -12 and clear skies with perfectly groomed trails. It was impossible to be angry about anything whilst training. The Australian team (Coach Paul, Mark Raymond, Giles, Hamish, Tina and Rachel) was here so I was able to use their scope and get sighted in. Allen Eason from Great Britain was also here training and did some videoing so I could do some technique analysis, which I really appreciated. The teams that were/are here over Christmas: Japan, Ukraine, Belgium, some Czechs, some Norwegians, some Austrians, Aussies, New Zealand (thats me!), Greenland, a Slovakian, and a German. So, pretty much a party on the range.

The first 3 days were longer training days, about 4 hours. I would ski from our accommodation in the mornings down to the range, which I think is pretty great, and then ski home afterwards. Afternoons would be shorter with ski strength or a recovery workout.

It was also really nice cooking for myself. It's amazing how quickly you get sick of hotel food. But then again, I am not sure who else would want to eat my cooking. Sarah's cooking tips: Throw anything and everything into a pot and eat it. Usually turns out pretty successful.

I like to think this picture is like a runway into the sky. For New Years we all jumped into the van and went to Lienz for dinner. The internet is amazing- we searched "Lienz restaurants' and lots of different places popped up. We chose one, clicked reservation, added our details, showed up and it was set! I was excited it worked, and the restaurant was too as it was the first internet reservation they had ever had! Yes! After a delicious dinner (Lamb shanks!) we headed back to Obertilliach (40mins or so) and went for a midnight ski in the full moon! We skied up the downhill ski slope and watched the fireworks. The best part was skiing down at the end. It was fresh groomed tracks and lots of fun.

No rest for athletes, as we were at the range by 9am the next morning doing intensity, and it was great. As I said, you cannot be upset about anything in these conditions. I am so excited as well because my body is feeling great. I have no more leg pain and my back has not been sore at all. I am feeling healthy and am really excited for the coming races!

I was supposed to be leaving at 4am this morning to drop Marks girlfriend, Kim, off at the Munich airport, but this is maybe not the best way to travel before a World Cup. So Uiloq Slettemark from Greenland has contacts and helped me hitch a ride with a Norwegian athlete, Lars Berger and his girlfriend. We are leaving tomorrow morning and driving to Oberhof in one day (about 7 hours) where the next World Cup is. I am excited to get moving again! I think a lot of athletes have get this itchy bug where they cannot stay in one place for more than 2 or 3 weeks.

Okay! Woo! So, I hope everyone is happy and healthy and lovin life. Do your thang, have a dance party and jump around because its 2010 and the Olympic village opens in 1 month. Woo! Go Team Go!


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