Sunday, June 19, 2011

Training camp begins!

Yes, I am alive and shakin- Literally! New Zealand is being hit with Earthquake after earthquake! Queenstown, where I live, just had a little bit of  shake 2 days ago, but everything is all good!

School is now officially finished for the term! It was such a nice feeling finishing my 5th exam worth 70%. The term was really great though, with a fantastic 4 day trip down to the Catlins filled with paintballing, kayaking, surfing, costeering, and horseback riding. It was great fun, but they punished us for having so much fun with a boat-load of exams and work on our return.

Bruce and I are currently on day two of our 2 week training camp. We left Queenstown on Saturday, after I had a nice strength session, and drove up the West coast to the Franz Josef glacier. It is my first time, that I remember, coming up the West coast, and it is gorgeous. Strangely enough our neighbour from Nelson, NZ from 14 years ago was going to be in Franz that week as well, so we got to catch up 11 years later! It was great. Thanks Pam!

Day two found us on our road bikes for 3 hours. We biked from Franz Josef to Okarito and ran up to the Trig lookout, and then biked back. Great views of the ocean and snow capped mountains.

We left a little later than desired, but none-the-less, we jumped in the packed car (4 bikes, 2 kayak paddles, 3 tents, 4 sleeping bags, random camping gear, ski poles, rollerskis, food, a mattress, and an abundance of shoes) and drove up the West coast to Karamea. By coincidence, we had some other family friends from Nelson who own and run a lodge up here called 'Karamea Lodge'. ( We called ahead and asked if we could pitch a tent, but of no! We have been put up in luxury! It is amazing- right on the beach front with the most amazing views and sunsets.

Today, day 2 of our training camp, found us running on the most beautiful forest trails. We went up to the Oparara caves, which are open to the public and you can climb in them with a head torch. We also ran to these amazing natural arches, with one towering high above.We saw 2 people the whole day- it was amazing.

Tomorrow we are off to bike the Heafy track. It is the first year they have opened it to mountain bikers, so we are really excited to do it!

I will try and post some more pics on my picasa site.



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