Sunday, March 11, 2012

World Championships 2012

What a GREAT World Championships in Ruhpolding, Germany. I would say Germany has the most exuberant fans, amazing atmosphere, and ever changing conditions!

Opening Ceremonies
I left Canada after racing the IBU cups in Canmore, and headed straight for the Ramslerhof in Ruhpolding. My arrival into Ruhpolding was absolutely stunning- it was a winter wonderland with so much snow and people skiing all over the place. Of course, it seemed too good to be true as it rained hard for the next 2 days and turned the gorgeous snow into a bit of a frozen mush disaster. Luckily the team at the Chiemgau stadium worked so hard on the tracks that it was not so much of a problem for the races!
Everyone wanted to interview New Zealand...they just didn't know it ;)

Dad and I in Ruhpolding

My father arrived 2 days later to be my trainer during the 10 days of the World Champs. It was great having him there and he did really well. Thanks Dad :) Unfortunately my mother could not make it as she had broken her ankle- We missed you, Mum! It was also SO nice to catch up with all the other athletes. You don't realize how much you miss the group until you come back!


Hongi with the locals :)
After a couple days off from racing to train and enjoy Ruhpolding, the 15km Individual race day popped up. I am not going to lie- I was nervous for this race. 15km in deep snow was not what my body was looking forward to, but in my head I said "SARAH, this could potentially be your last World Championships race! Buck up and just enjoy it!". And I did. I had such a good race because I was in such a positive mind frame- the crowd was absolutely amazing, my skis were SO fast (Thanks Falke and Team Greenland!) and the weather was gorgeous. After shooting clean in my first prone I was just loving life- buuuuut then I missed 2 in standing, 1 in the next prone, and 2 in my last standing. 15/20 hits, which these days is normal for me. But, I will never forget this race- I just loved it so much- even if I could barely standup after going into a tuck!

And then that was it! That was the end of my 2011/12 biathlon season- and if I do not find a sponsor- potentially the end of my biathlon career. It is heartbreaking, but whatever happens- it is life and it is amazing anyways. I am now in Norway, training for the Arctic Circle Race (ACR) in Nittedal, right by Oslo, and staying with the Greenland team.

Wish me luck in Greenland- It's going to be a toughy!

Much Love,


NORMA ammunition