Saturday, February 11, 2012

Canmore IBU race number 1!

Jp and I in the Canmore parade!
Canmore has been the most amazing place this last week.  Beautiful blue sky days, perfect ski tracks, and an amazing atmosphere. It has been the perfect rev-up for the IBU cup races happening right now! BIG news on the Team New Zealand front- we have JP Lilburne here from NZ racing in the mens category! Thats right- we have 2 people on our team now- We have doubled!

My preparation for these races has been...lets say different to others. Working three days a week as a ski patroller at Lake Louise Ski Field is amazing and I am enjoying it immensely. It is really satisfying helping someone with an injury down the mountain in the toboggan, giving someone tips on where to go, and the few turns we get in ourselves isn't too shabby either ;) 

Training has been great as well, and through January I was feeling really strong. And then last Saturday came about and I fell sick. Ah Murphy's law! Right before the 1st real races of the season! So, I have been recovering since Saturday, drinking garlic, ginger, lemon and honey concoctions (better than it sounds!) and resting up. I think it is working- but I am still sounding like a bull frog.

So today I decided to race the 7.5km sprint- the first race of the IBU races here in Canmore! I was really excited to be racing again. I ended up missing 2 in prone and 3 in standing. What a disaster on such a perfect day! But, I have decided to look at this race as though it was a warmup race and hopefully things will improve from here. There is another sprint tomorrow so here's hoping....

Jp also raced, and did great. He missed 5 as well and thoroughly enjoyed himself out on those trails.

Thank you everyone who came up to the races and cheered us all on! Also, thank you to everyone not there for the telepathic love :)



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