Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ain't no Party like....

WOW! Is it August ALREADY?!?!?!?! I cannot believe it! I have been running around like crazy I have not even noticed the time go by. The beautiful wonderful snow is here, and has been for months now! I am skiing every weekend are gorgeous Snow Farm and studying Monday to Thursday in Queenstown. You will be happy to know I passed last terms papers, but this term is tougher- so we will see!

We had an absolutely amazing Biathlon camp here in New Zealand. There is a big group of keen teenagers who attended- learning all about skiing and shooting, and then sticking them together. At the end of the GREAT camp we had a biathlon race where there were 30 racers, including myself and Vancouver 2010 Cross-country Olympian, Ben Koons, a fellow Kiwi. It was great fun and everyone did really well. I am so amazed and excited about the evolving biathlon club in New Zealand and the interest that is now developing! 

July 24th, I competed in the multi-sport race called the Peak 2 Peak- This involves downhill skiing/snowboarding, downhill biking, kayaking, running and a grueling road bike uphill to the next ski hill, and the finish line. I did it last year  and  this year improved my time by 25mins, so that was great. (I did get a flat tire though last year so its more like 15minutes!) That was a great race and a great day. Team Fluoro, which I was a member of 2 years ago, won again for the 3rd year in a row, and my good mate Gavin Mason was 2nd! What superstars!

I am now getting ready for the 3 cross-country FIS races happening this weekend up at the Snow Farm- 10km Classic, 1km sprints, and 5km skate. National Teams from; Canada, USA, Korea, and Japan are all here to compete as well so it should be a party!

Hope everyone is loving life and having fun! 
Lots of Love,


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  1. Sara hello!! My name is Lyisan. Tell me please i can run in new zeland biathlon team?? I am professional athlete (biathlon) I very want going in New Zeland and participate and speak at events for a team of New Zealand


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