Sunday, August 7, 2011

Training camps galore!

Well, we biked the Heafy track, we biked the Queen Charlotte track, we kayaked the Abel Tasmin, we ran through Nelson, we explored Kaitiritiri, caught up with old friends in Nelson, and managed to fit in a rugby game to boot! What a great training camp. It was an amazing time and after this adventure I was excited to get back to school.

Term 6! Last Term of my Adventure Tourism Management diploma! 5 new classes and a very busy term ahead, it seemed like a great idea to take 2 weeks off of school for an International Biathlon Union Development camp. New Zealand was very lucky this year to have the international camp take place at the Snow Farm, 45 minutes from my home. And with 6 new targets and mats, it was going to be the real deal. Ubaldo Prucker, an enthusiastic Italian, came to run the camp and help with the development of the sport in NZ. Us 7 Kiwis, along with 4 Australians, trained together in the morning with shooting and biathlon practice, with ski technique in the afternoon. The SHPG (snow farm) Lodge outdid themselves once again with great accommodation, and Flying Trestles exceeded expectations in the food department! Thanks guys!

On the last day we had a 10km biathlon race. There were about 30 competitors! Nils Koons (Ben, his brother, went to the Olympics for X-country skiing) was involved in the camp and raced as well. It was some tough competition. I hit 17/20 with 40 second penalties, and Nils hit 12/20. The results came out, and with a 5 second difference....Nild in 1st, and I was in 2nd! ahhh so close! But it was a great day and we all had an amazing time. Thanks to the IBU for support biathlon in NZ and helping us develop, also to Ubaldo Prucker, and all the parent volunteers! Without you biathlon in NZ would not be where it is now!!! You guys rock!

After a great recovery week, I thought it would be a great idea to compete in the Peak 2 Peak, a multisport race I have competed in for the last 4 years. I died! It was so difficult, with a strong Southerly wind (which is cold in NZ!) on the kayak causing us to have to pull-out early, and a nice strong headwind for the 9km run and bike up Coronet Peak! It was tough! I palced 7th in the open women category with a time of 3 hours a 12 minutes, 15 minutes slower than last year. I blame it on the conditions! But it was so fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves!

Now I am back in class, and the Winter Games are coming up this weekend with 4 cross-country races, and the Winter triathlon! Woohoo, should be a party!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy and loving life!

xx Sarah :)

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