Saturday, November 26, 2011

Season plan....but they can always change ;)

Hi Everyone,

I have now been back in Canmore for almost a month, which is crazy! I have just been training and visiting with family in that time, and trying to figure out a plan for this coming season. I currently do not have a coach, due to the fact that I cannot afford one. So I am creating  a training plan for myself.

This season, the plan right now is to stay in Canmore and train. The plan is to compete in the Canmore IBU cup races and then go to Germany for the World Championships. From here to then I will compete in local cross-country and biathlon races.

Not as exciting as other years, but I think it will be nice to stay in one spot for a bit!

Take care, have fun, and smile :)


1 comment:

  1. stumbled upon this, i think its really awesome you chose to stay in canmore, i will definitely look for you in upcoming local races.


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