Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And when I said a short update of the season would be coming soon, what I actually meant was it's coming a few months late.
A Russian hat for my brother. I think I was more excited about it.

In my mind, this last season was not very good. But upon analysis, it was actually better than I perceived. The start (in Sweden) was a disaster as my rifle was totally kaput! That put a downer on the first 3 World Cups. After a nice Christmas in Switzerland and Italy, I had an absolutely crazy trip to Estonia and Russia for two IBU cup (Formerly called European cup) races. Here I had my beat results on the IBU cup tour with a 25th and 41st place in Ottepaa, Estonia and a 21st and 19th position in Ostrov, Russia. The main achievement was that I made my re qualification for the last 3 World Cups of the season.

This is my "How the heck am I going to get all this stuff home" face
After some good races in Martell (23rd in the sprint) I headed to World Championships in the Czech Republic, where I had normal races- nothing special, but okay. The great part was that I had good enough races to maintain my position in the nation cup standings, meaning I have  very good chance of having a spot for New Zealand at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. For the last Olympics I was ranked 33rd as a nation, and this year I am ranked 29th (I think).

Some touristy stuff!
I then raced in cross-country World Championships in Val Di Fiemme, Italy and had a lot of fun, and surprisingly strong races, especially in classic. I was very happy with those races.

Family time- Murphy style!
Off to Oslo I went for the next World Cup race and I started getting sick. From those races onwards I just got more and more sick, causing a not so happy end to the season. It was great to race in Sochi, but my condition definitely put a downer on the whole experience.

After the season I traveled through Europe a bit, visiting touristy spots I normally do not have time to visit, and then headed back to Canada after 11 months away from my family. It was amazing to be home, although only for a short stint. I got a lot of mini adventures in, including a week trip to the coast with my wonderful sister. It was a lot of fun.

Surf sisters in Tofino!
Back in Italia- representing NZL 
And now I am back in europe to train with my new coach, Federico Fontana. We will be traveling to Forni Avoltri for a 2 week training camp and then back to Frassinoro for the Frassinoro biathlon festival. After that we will head to New Zealand for 2 months to race in the 100% Pure New Zealand winter Games, and then back to Canada. Yahoo!!!

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