Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Norma moose hunt

Hello from dark, but lovely, Sweden!

As my computer is broken, this will be a short update.

2 weeks ago I was lucky to be invited to Norma ammunitions annual moose hunt! Now, I have never been hunting before, but it was a great opportunity to see my sponsor, test my new rifle, and have a new adventure! And it sure was an adventure. I was decked out in hunting gear; orange and green camouflage, and warm hats galore, and sent out into the forests of Sweden and Norway to try and get us some dinner! I honestly think someone could make a movie out of the hilarity of it all. Picture this:

A 25 year old blonde woman, with 14 Viking-type men clad with powerful rifles and knives, head out to the wilderness. The lady, never having been hunting, gets out of the vehicle and forgets to connect her earphones to her radio, causing a right noise and probably frightening all the moose away already. Fiddling with the buckles and straps from her rifle and backpack, she stumbles through the woods to their post, where she is teamed up with her main sponsor. Too hot from the walk, she proceeds to take her covered-in-velcro-strapped jacket off, now causing the rest of the animals to probably run further away. "What a serene spot" she though to herself, pulling out her camera to catch a memory of her first moose hunt. Thinking she was clever and turning of the sound, the then noise of the photo being taken not only did she scare herself, her partner, but probably the moose in China. And it wasn't even a good picture.

Noticing her hunting stool, she proceeds to unbuckle the clips on her backpack and extend the legs, clicking them into place, and then finally settling down into probably the loudest fallen leaves on planet earth. Her partner, having arrived and sat down in one smooth motion, pretending not to notice a thing, reaches over to pour himself some coffee from his thermos. "Great idea!", as the lady reaches over for her hot chocolate. Damn- not pre- made. After unzipping the backpack, rustling through and finding the hot chocolate packages, and then attempting to rip them open with mittened hands, she finally gets them open. Have you ever noticed how loud it is to open a thermos? No, I hadn't either, until that moment, and it I sounded like 30 church bells were ringing through the forest. Finally I had the hot chocolate made (very weak- needed another package, but I resisted), and settled in to watch for moose.

Checking my watch, that was the longest 10 minutes of my life.

In the end, I did not shoot anything except some paper turkeys. I did however, see 2 moose, but was unable to shoot them. They are such beautiful and gracious animals, so I was very happy just watching them in all their gloriousness. We were staying at the Norwegian race car driver, Petter Solbergs, lodge, which was absolutely amazing. There was a sauna beside a lake, so I may have just had to jump into the lake between saunas...get that circulation circulating! The rest of the team shot 5 moose in the end, so everyone was happy in the end!

Thank you to Norma, Jaktia and Normark for making this moose hunt the best first hunting experience I think anyone could have. I left Petter Solbergs lodge with new friends, and unforgettable, lifelong memories!

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