Monday, July 6, 2015

Mount Lorette- Wednesday, June 24th , 2015

Looking down at the car

Running Tent Ridge was a great warm-up for the next day- Climbing Mount Lorette in Kananskis country! This is one of the most prominent peaks on your right hand side as soon as you drive into Kananaskis country. It is most recognizable for it’s long, razor sharp ridgeline leading directly to the summit. 

We left Canmore at 8am for the 45 minute drive to the closest parking spot possible- on the side of the road, across from the mountain, but on the wrong side of the Kananaskis river. But we were ready! With swim trunks on (do they call them swim trunks?), we waded across the thigh deep, glacier fed river. It was a great way to wake up before the real climbing started! 

From the North side of the river we bushwhacked a while until coming out, and crossing the powerline road, then continuing up the 'easiest' path- straight up. Here a trail starts to appear, although it is quite apparent where you go- stay on the ridge! 

Alex looking out on K-country
 Alex was working on his short roping skills, which was great for me to practise being on the other end as well. A bit like being taken for a walk, except on a narrow ridge, thousands of feet in the air. It was lovely. There are a few spots on the climb where you are climbing in quite exposed spots, so having a rope is highly recommended, although I have heard of many soloing this, which I wouldn't recommend it, but I also like to live :)

The crux is a spot where you stand on a narrow piece of rock and have to fall forward across a gab (or notch) to then climb up and over the wall in front. It is a fun, little freaky spot, which is very easy, but with quite the drop off below, I was happy to have a rope attached to me at that point. From the crux, it is a relaxed stroll to the summit, with one more bit of scrambly climbing. During the whole climb, you have an amazing view of Kananaskis country and Nakiska ski resort, and from the summit there is a great view looking West which encompasses Canmore and the whole Bow Valley. 

The descent was interesting. We headed down from the summit on a loose trail, that contours just under the North Ridge. We then headed down the scree slope on lookers right of Mount Lorette. It was a bit slabby, so not the best scree ride, and then there is a bit of hands on scrambling as you are above a slick little waterfall/cliff area. Once past there, it is once again a bit of a slog down through yet another creek destroyed by the floods. Lot's of trees down and boulders to clamber over. There may be a way to stay high in the trees on the right, but we felt the safest bet was to stick to the creek. At the bottom of the creek, we once again hit the powerline road, and after a short bushwhack, a change back into our swim trunks, and a cooling battle across the river, we made it back to the car! 

5 1/2 hours and we were excited to get back to town for a cold one after such a fun, albeit hot, scramble up mount Lorette! Thanks Alex for towing me up there! 

Much love and adventuring,


p.s. I'll post a few more pictures once I get them!

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