Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here we go....again!

After an amazing trip to Victoria to my brothers wedding and visiting family, the adventure has begun. I am currently in Stockholm airport, about to board my flight to Ostersund. I cannot understand too much around me except that they seem to have an infatuation with Tacks (Pretty positive it means ‘thank you’…yep it does, asked the man beside me) and everyone is very well dressed.

The day started at 7:30am when Mum, Dad, Erin and I squeezed (and I mean squeezed) into the family Matrix. Those cars are not made to have huge ski bags shoved through the middle, and then a rifle placed on top, and I don’t think my mother and sisters heads were made to hold them up…but it all worked and we caught the 9am ferry and made it to the airport in 1 piece. I checked my bags in, having to pay $100 for excess, and then my family left to drive another 8 hours and I went through the gate.

Funnily enough, as I am walking down to gate 55 (the farthest one as usual) I see a familiar red haired individual struttin her stuff down the walkway. My dear Cousin, Andrea and her husband Mike, were about to catch their plane to Cuba where they were planning a tough week of relaxing on the beach and trying to beat the World record of amount of tequila drunk in 14 days. Well, that was a pleasant surprise so I had some company in Vancouver. An hour after they left, I boarded my plane for Frankfurt, and away we went.

10 hours later, and feeling not to worse for wear, we landed softly in a rainy Frankfurt and I jumped off as my connecting flight was in an hour. What a walk! I hope no old people with canes have to do that one, or they should get an escort because it is pretty dang long. After another security check I made it to my flight in time to board right onto it. It is only a 2 hour flight from Frankfurt to Stockholm and I slept almost the whole way.

Upon arriving in Stockholm I had no problems with the police as I had all my paperwork printed and set. How proud am I! Things were going great, I go to get my baggage tags, and for the first time in my biathlon career I am told I have to separate my bolt from my rifle. I have traveled all day from Canada, I have gone to Korea, New Zealand, and the States with my rifle, and I have never heard of this. So anyways, since my other bags were gone I had to transfer things from my carry-on backpack and take my bolt from my locked firearms case, wrap it in my fuzzy toque, and then check my backpack. It is never ever the same, but I guess that makes it such an adventure.

My flight boards in 18 minutes and then I am done for the day. Total travel hours for the day will be: approx. 28.

Happy travels!


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