Friday, November 26, 2010

Sunshine please

Winter is here! And it brought its friend, Mr. Freeze. Now, New Zealand houses are cold, horribly cold, with no central heating and an electric blanket to heat the house, you get used to it. Buuuut..I do not think anyone can get used to -38 weather. Sounds cool to talk about, not the greatest thing to live through. and  this early in the season, it shakes you deep into you bones. So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week training was moved indoors. But other than that, it has been Fabulous!

Richard and Petr are the greatest people in the world. I could not ask for a better set-up and the training has been fabulous. I raced in the American trial races last week, and a Canadian time-trial this week. It felt great to be racing again, even though they did not go wonderfully. But that is why we do them, so we can get the bad races and Time-trials out of the way before the bigger races like the World Cups come along!

I am here for one more week and then back into the air. Wish for warm weather!

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