Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So much Snow in Austria!

No Snow to WOW, Snow!!

My last week in Canada was fantastic. The weather warmed up from -39 to -5 and the sun came out. Training was great and everyone skiing at the Nordic Centre had huge smiles plastered on their faces. It was great.

My sister was offered a job as a nurse on Princess cruise lines so on Friday the 3rd, my mother, father and I dropped her off at the airport- She is gone for 4 months and currently in Mazatlan! The next day, we once again packed the car up and my parents drove me to the airport-They are now empty nesters for 4 months!

Upon our arrival at the Calgary airport- about an hour and a half drive from Canmore- I immediately dropped my head into my hands. “Oh no, oh no, oh no!” “What? What? What?” My parents said in unison. I had forgotten my rifle in Canmore. My rifle!! You can replace skis, boots, clothing, most things easily, but not your rifle! And my flight was closing in 45 minutes for check-in. We got on the phone and called every single person in Canmore- and finally we reached the Vukadinovics ie. My Saviors, Tatiana Vukadinovic and I have been friends for a long time, and we were teammates since we were 13. Her parents immediately got into their car, grabbed my rifle from my house, and floored it to Calgary.

I had the nicest check in lady from Lufthansa- and without her I would not have been able to race in the first World Cups. She is the first nice airline person I have met and I will never forget her. My bags absolutely had to be there at 1:00pm, as boarding was at 1:05 and the plane took off 1:30. At 1:10 my mother, father and I were all lined up outside on the sidewalk. Colleen and Dan pulled up, we grabbed the rifle,  and all the of us ran through the airport like a crazy family to get the tags put on and get it through the x-ray. At 1:25 I went through security and I made it to my flight! What an exciting way to start the season!!!! I almost died of an anxiety attack!

I could not believe it but upon my arrival in Munich, ALL my bags arrived-.
Well done, Lufthansa, well done!

Driving into Hochfilzen was a bit disheartening. There was not very much snow in the village, but fortunately there was enough on the racecourse, and training the next day was great. Richard Boruta arrived on Tuesday and we had 2 good training days before the 7.5km sprint race. This was my first race of the season, and considering jetlag and sleeping patterns all changed, I was feeling really good. The day before the race, the heavens opened up and down came Schnee! It has not stopped snowing since Thursday and our van is completely buried now. It is slightly ridiculous. So, the races have been extremely exciting and interesting with visibility.

I was starter 48, and Ukraine once again out did themselves- my skis were amazing. My first loop I felt like a Superstar, and my first shooting, which was prone, I hit 5/5!, despite barely being able to see the target Yahoo! The course was pretty tough and the track was covered so quickly after someone skied on it from the heavy snowfall. I came in for my 2nd shooting, which was standing, and I was shaking like crazy! I was very nervous and had pushed hard in skiing. I hit, missed, hit missed, hit. So 3/5 and 2 penalty loops to ski. My last loop hurt, but in the end I was happy with my race.  I ended up 78th, so no pursuit for me, but my coach bought me some dark chocolate, so that was a nice substitute! I also made my 15% qualification so I am off to the three world cups after Christmas! Woo!

I cannot thank Richard enough. He is helped so much, and it has only been 4 days. We are off to Pokljuka, Slovenia on Monday!

Take care, have fun and smile!!!


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