Thursday, January 6, 2011


Christmas and New Years in blue sky, crisp snow, cheesy, chocolaty Switzerland was absolutely fantastic. Just what was needed- Staying with Severine and Nicolas and baby Lily, whom I personally think should be up for International couple/family of the year, was amazing. The ski touring was great, as well as the cross-country skiing. There was no shooting for me this holidays as there was no range to shoot on, but I am sure my rifle was happy for the break as well ;)
 We went on some amazing missions!

 We ate way too much food! But it was amazing!

The next day we packed up and drove to Oberwald and had yet another beautiful cross-country ski session! It was -21 in the morning, so we delayed our ski, and went at a lovely -12 instead. The best part of the day, I must say, was taking the car transport-train through the Furka tunnel! Yahoo- it was fantastic! We stayed a night in Zurich with the one and only Katie Calder, New Zealand Olympian for Cross-country skiing, and my partner in womens double luge- Olympic gold medalists- Once its a sport I's sure ;) and we are now in Oberhof Germany.

The land of bratwursts and beer is windy and rainy and foggy and blowing like a bagpiper going crazy. It was interesting training today- the fog was so thick that the coaches were lined up on the shooting range beside the shooting mats trying to see the targets- with no luck. Hitting 5 was a great achievement, and the one time I did it I received a nice applause from some coaches- Success!

My thoughts and love also goes out to Kelly McBroom- Downhill skier extraordinaire! She broke her leg skiing and is in the Salzburg hospital with 2 more surgeries to go. SENDING LOTS OF LOVE TO HER!!!

2 days until race day! Yahoo! SMILE EVERYONE!

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