Monday, April 25, 2011

Yahoo! What a crazy last month!

The week in Canmore was delicious- The skiing was fantastic, lots of school friends were home, my sister arrived off the cruise boat, and my bed was there waiting for me. I was home for one week, and on the 28th my sister and I hopped in the car and drove to Vancouver Island to visit more family.

The week in Victoria was great- filled with happiness and laughter and family gatherings. Although, my brother was disappointed I didn’t buy him a Russian hat. Next time, Christopher! After a week on the coast, my Sister dropped me off at the Vancouver airport for me to catch my flight to NZ, and for her to make the 11 hour drive back to Canmore. What a great sister!

The flight was good. Oh, well, there was an awkward moment- I was not feeling fantastic on the plane and was sure I was going to be sick, so I got up and power walked to the bathroom. I may have power-walked too quickly, who knows, but the next thing I remember is waking up in the airplane bathroom floor. Yep, I had fainted in the bathroom, and banged my head and shoulder hard, causing huge bruises. Crazy! Well, from then on it was just a bit dramatic, for my liking. I rang the call button in the bathroom and the flight-attendant came running, and next thing I know I am getting oxygen strapped onto my face, blood pressure taken, and blood glucose levels. Kind-of felt like a VO2 max test.

Well, anyways, after that big hullabaloo, the flight landed and I boarded my next flight down to Queenstown. Almost home! Nothing exciting happened on that flight, sorry, but touching down was a great feeling.  I was deathly ill the first few days but on the Monday, Bruce (Kiwi support man) and I headed off and did the Routeburn track, which is a fantastic 3 day hike staying in huts. A great experience and highly recommended.

School started on the next Monday and man-o-man is it ever busy with 6 classes! Monday to Friday- 8:30am to 4:00 pm- It is like a full time job! Ahhh! The classes are really interesting this year, including: eco-tourism, human resources, and managerial accounting. Party-on!

Training is starting up again after a bit of a break. Lots of fabulous biking and running missions which have been great fun. The biathlon development is really taking off and we have 2 camps planned for this coming winter, as well as 6 new targets purchased for our new range! Go Biathlon, Go!

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