Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nowhere like Norway

Leaving Russia was hilarious. The mornings breakfast was all of last nights dinner, and no breakfast food = yum, deep friend salmon steaks and spaghetti. We got onto a random bus and were taken to the airport at 7:45am. All our rifles and ski bags were to hopefully meet us in Oslo. We pretty much just threw our bags on a truck and hoped. The airport was pretty simple- huge lineup and bag taging. No seats given, just a free for all. It was a good flight, and all the bags arrived when we arrived. Oh, except my ski bag was taken to Holmenkollen, where I was not going. But they delivered it to my accommodation and everything was cheery.

A nice helicopter on the tarmac

We skied every day, and on Thursday Uiloq and I went to Holmenkollen to watch the mens and womens pursuit. We had a great skate ski before the races, visiting a great wooden church in the middle of nowhere, and then we had managed to get VIP tickets so we had a gourmet lunch in the VIP area, and watched the races. It was a fabulous.

On the Friday, the family and I drove to the middle of somewhere in Norway and spent two nights at the family cabin. It was absolutely incredible; amazing trails, gorgeous weather, great company. Couldn't ask for anything better!

The two nights flew by, and before I knew it we were back in Holmenkollen, watching the mass start races. It was a really great day and we arrived back home at 6:30pm, just in time to pack and get the kids to bed. We then woke up at 3:30am and drove to the airport where I was dropped off, and jumped on a plane to Calgary, Canada! I am now in Canmore, at home with my parents and dog, and am off again for more adventures on Monday the 28th!

Thanks again for all the support this season. You lot are fantastic!

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