Friday, February 8, 2013

Writing from Nove Mesto, Czech republic where tomorrow is the men’s and women’s sprint competitions!

But first: After making it back to Switzerland after such an extreme two weeks before, I was able to train and enjoy some relaxing time in the Swiss Alps. The weather was gorgeous, if at times a wee bit chilly, and I was even able to check out some polo being played on the frozen St. Moritz lake.

On the last day of January I packed up and drove to Martello, Italy for the next IBU cup. Only 1 hour away! It was such a treat to get to a race after just 1-hour travel. Luca Bormollini, an ex-biathlete from Italy, was so kind to come to the races as coach and support. It was a lot of fun to have someone there, and he was such a help testing my skis and going to the always-exciting coaches meetings for me.
It was exciting to back in Martell after 6 years away. The last time I was racing there I was 17 years old, it was my first ever-international race, and I was staring for Canada! I think it will always hold a special part in my heart J

The first race was a sprint race and I was starter number 7. It is so nice to be able to start in the first start group, but because of the forecasted fresh snow I was nervous I would have the slowest conditions. After a very tough first loop (man I don’t remember it being that hard!) I came in for prone and hit 4/5. One loop around and back out to the loop. After telling myself to relax about 47 times during the next loop, I came in for standing shooting. 5 hits! Oh thanks goodness- no penalty loops. Off around for the last 2.5km, and then the wind started. It was crazy and I was so happy to almost be finished the race.

I was very happy with the race and in the end I finished in 23rd, 2 minutes behind.

The next day was the pursuit, and I was, of course, starter number 23, starting 2 minutes behind! 5 x 2km. After the first prone and hitting all 5 targets I had moved up to 12th position, but then I missed 1 and then 2 and then 3! Ah no! 6 misses out of 20 shots and I had dropped to 30th position. But, you know what, I am still very happy with the result and excited to have had a good weekend.

Opening Ceremonies- Team New Zealand! (Me and coach, Richard Boruta)

Now, the big question, how to get to the Czech Republic for World Championships!! I knew many were headed this way, but most were going to Orsblie (where, by the way, the roof of the range collapsed forcing the delay of the women’s race). In the end, the lovely, amazing, generous Polish team once again came to my rescue and I was able to get a ride to World Championships with the wax truck. 11 hours later, we arrived in Nove Mesto!
The Commonwealth solving the worlds problems ;)

The course is…tricky. Long uphills and difficult downhills. Today is official training and then tomorrow- race day!!! You can watch it live at!!

Have fun and smile!!! Yippee!


  1. Wow! I watched the biathlon, and had absolutely NO idea that anyone from New Zealand was competing (or to be honest, even knew what it was!) I am a kiwi living in Norway (so obviously cheering for Tora Berger), but it was really awesome to see the NZ flag in the results list! Well done!


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