Monday, March 22, 2010

And now it's over...

The end of the season is here. I raced my last race on Thursday the 18th in Holmekollen, Norway. It was the 7.5km sprint and I did the same thing as last week- hit all my prone, and then missed 3 standing. I ended up near the same position again. The conditions were pretty good- a little bit soft but nothing to complain about.  But the good thing is my skiing felt really nice. It is nice to finish the season feeling strong, and not dead on your skis.

Norway is a really great country, or at least Oslo is pretty neat. When I first arrived I had the greatest driver from the airport who took me on a car tour of the city; past the palace and the fortress, through the old city, was exciting for me....I saw a prostitute! I got all nervous and averted eye contact. The hotel was great, with good food and a warm room, and about a 20 to 30minute drive to the venue- Not too bad. Myself and the Canadians went to town a couple times to shop which was really neat. It was nice to be in a city instead of the middle of nowhere.

We also had a 'tight n' bright' themed stagette party for Megan Tandy, a Canadian athlete, who is getting married April 3rd. We looked beautiful- I will post pictures when I get them! CONGRATULATIONS MEGAN AND ILMAR!

So, the last 2 weeks have been fun. My races were slightly unfortunate, but overall I am very pleased with my season. I was top 1/2 twice and I competed to my fullest at the Olympics. I raced 8 out of 9 World Cups, re qualifying in each race for the next trimesters- something I did not do last year. I am also qualified for next years World Cups! Great success overall!!!

Again, thank you to everyone for your support. I am now on the prowl for sponsors and I am trying to figure my life out! Always exciting....I will keep you posted!

Much love, and thank you thank you thank you!!

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