Thursday, March 4, 2010

A glimpse of home...

For the past 2 weeks I have been in the Whistler athletes village just enjoying myself. I would go training, then watch some races, maybe go see some 4 man bobsleigh or cross-country skiing events, then relax at night, maybe do some dancing. It was really great. 9 year goal done, now it was time to relax. My amazing friends, who drove out from Canmore to Whistler in one night to watch me race, then drove home after the race, said they visibly saw me relax after the race. I didn't notice it, but it is true. I can now start to look forward, and get all uptight, for the 2014 Olympics!

I went to the closing ceremonies which was, in my opinion, awesome! I think maybe because I did not get to go to the opening ceremonies that I was able to appreciate the closing a bit more then others. The giant moose and beavers, well, I love them. It was hilarious how they brought everything that the rest of the world stereotypically thinks of Canada. I loved it.

We had an absolutely amazing New Zealand team send off on the 2nd. We started it off in our common room at the Athletes village, where we all sat around and everyone spoke, saying thank-yous and just saying what they wanted to say about the Olympics. It got a bit emotional and it was great to hear what people think. The New Zealand team is now very pumped for the 2014 Olympics, and we really want medals! It was such an amazing group of people and I think the New Zealand team is top notch!

We then went to the party portion of our farewell. It was at a neat Italian cafe in downtown Vancouver called 'Sciue'. It was an Icebreaker party, which was one of our awesome sponsors for the Olympics, and a lot of local Kiwis were there to take advantage of the sale and to see the team. There was also an amazing New Zealand band there "Soul Paua" who rocked the night away. It was so amazing to just relax with the team, do some dancing, and enjoy each others company knowing there was no more competitions. What a great bunch of people!

I flew home the next day and was picked up by my wonderful sister, who is doing amazing by the way, and drove to Canmore. Oh, how nice was my sleep that night!!!!

I hope everyone is awesome!!!! Smile!

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