Monday, March 29, 2010

Off again...

I arrived back in Canada on March 22nd, greeted by my wonderful sister, who is doing awesome after her surgery and everything she has been through. The trip home from Europe was a good one...for once! Rosanna Crawford, Canadian biathlete extraordinaire, and I were on the same flight route all the way from Oslo, and because she is a Canadian athlete she has Gold status when flying. She was also able to talk the check-in lady to let me have 3 bags as well, so I did not have to pay excess luggage- saving me over 200 euro. She was also allowed a guest into the lounges which was nice and relaxing between connections. On our flight from Frankfurt to Calgary, Rosanna was in first class, but I had a good seat not far behind the 'curtain' (I wonder what happens up there). One of the hosts on the plane ended up being my kindergarten teachers husband, Harry, who I have know forever. He brought me a 1st class meal for dinner and some freshly baked cookies, as well as fruit and water. Oh the life- the leftovers from the posh class, but I was still excited. day, you watch, I'll be up there!

My sister moved to Melbourne, Australia on the 24th long Erin?...well, she doesn't even know. But she got her dream job of nurse in the ICU unit at the childrens hospital, which is amazing- Go Erin! And then my life changed drastically as well.

On April 4th I made a decision. This Sunday, I am jumping onto a plane to Queenstown, New Zealand to study full time. I am going to study 'Adventure Tourism Management' at Queenstown Resort College (QRC), as well as train full time. The course sounds amazing, and I am really thrilled to be an ambassador for the college. They are going to allow me to train and study, and although it will be hard and very busy, I am so excited and determined to make it work. It is a 18 month program- 6 months study, 6 months internship, 6 months study- then I will have a diploma in Adventure Tourism Management. Check it out: It is truly a rare and exciting opportunity!

This means I have been home in Canmore for a total of: 13 days this time! Wow, it is a record. Within the last year, I have been home a total of 27 days, on and off- usually 5 to 10 days at a time. You really start to appreciate coming home and how mentally relaxing it is.

I repainted my rifle today, so the pink barrel and knobs are looking as pristine as ever.



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