Friday, February 18, 2011

Here we go again

The first two weeks in Canada was filled with doctors’ appointments and the continuous emptying of tissue boxes- I was sick. It ended up being a viral infection in my lungs with the only medicine being time. Well dang, what a downer, but it was probably just a way for my body to tell me to slow down and just sit for a minute. It was -35 out anyways, so the cozyness of the couch was fantastic. The last week and a half I got in some great training sessions in some gorgeous weather. I also turned 23 years old, and met some very generous people including a worker at Wildflower bakery in Banff who bought me a cookie (Anise and fig- try it!). It was fantastic!

After a great 3 weeks at home, it’s back on the track, Jack! I was set: I had my flights booked and my transfer permits for both Amsterdam and Munich. Success! I still did not have a way from Munich to Ridnaun, Italy, where I was headed, or my Russian visas sorted, but I was positive it would all unfold somehow.

I arrived in Amsterdam safe and sound after a great flight, and made the next flight with 1-½ hours to spare (And people say I’m never early!).  My plan for my arrival in Europe was to catch a train to Italy and work my way up the mountain to Ridnaun. I also contemplated getting on the speakerphone on the plane and asking if anyone was driving to Italy. To my luck my seatmate was! He was catching a little bus and there was space for me- success! The only problem was that the bus left at 3 and we arrived in Munich at 3. No problem, the security guards were waiting for me with papers ready and even greeted me “aaah, you must be Miss Murphy!” Then we waited for my rifle, and we waited…..and we waited….and the bus waited….and my seatmate and his girlfriend waited….and it never showed up. It was still in Amsterdam. It was now 3:45. Crap! Well, after extensive paperwork, many I’m sorry’s and thank-yous, I am currently on the bus to Ridnaun, and my rifle should be shipped to Ridnaun tonight or tomorrow. Oh man, I’m nervous as my dog is of the vacuum. Everyone, please cross your fingers, and hold your thumbs that my bag will arrive!

I arrived safe and sound to Ridnaun thanks to my good mate, Ginge, who picked me up at the bottom of the valley. That’s when I found out my accommodation doesn’t start until tomorrow- it was all-full for tonight, so Petr and I are staying one night in the fancy Schneeberg! Yahoo!

Well, of course, we start it off with a BANG! (Except with no rifle, because it is probably somewhere in Mongolia). Stay healthy and Happy!

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  1. Sarah I hope it all works out. Good luck in Italy!!


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