Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ravishing Ridnaun

If a place could be ravishing, then Ridnaun would be it! It is gorgeous. Petr and I arrived on Friday the 18th and moved into the nicest apartment- right on the ski trails and in the sunshine. Unfortunately, my rifle and bags did not arrive until Saturday night very late, so I was not able to train the Saturday. On Monday I had a frantic drive to Munich in a snow storm to try and get my Russian VISA for World Champs- well, that was disasterous and it is not going to be ready until this coming Monday morning- the morning I am supposed to be flying to Russia. FINGERS CROSSED!

On Tuesday was the 15km Individual race. After my lung infection, I had not trained long intensity, but surprisingly the skiing felt alright. Shooting on the other started off fantastic! Clean prone, one miss standing, and another clean prone. 14/15! Rock on! Then....Dun dun dun....I came in for my last standing. 1 miss, 2 miss, 3 miss, 4 miss, 5 miss. 5 that even possible? Yes, yes it is, and I did it. What a disappointment...but maybe I'm just getting it out of my system before World Champs? That's what we will tell people ;)

I once again decided not to race in the Womens relay, tough decision, but I really don't think I am ready to race 4 x 6km by myself. Who knows....maybe one day :)

This meant I had 3 days off to train and enjoy the perfect Italian weather (apart from some slight wind). Today was the 7.5km sprint race, and I was starter number 2! Yahoo....I really enjoy starting early, and do not often have the opportunity in World Cups, so it was fantastic. It was so hot that I raced with no gloves (Thank goodness I painted my nails last night!) a headband, and with my (new) race suit pulled up. I think it helped with my Vitamin D deficiency though= positive!

I came in for my first prone and hit all five- take that Mr. penalty loop! Skiing was beautiful, and I came in for standing feeling good. Too bad standing shooting and I are in the middle of a divorce, so I missed three. Dang....3 times around the penalty loop = not nice, even if it is perfectly round and one of the nicest on the tour.

So, 7/10, and I finished 44th. Tomorrow is my first pursuit of the season- Someone even had to remind me if it was 12.5km or 10km. Turns out it's 10km- YES!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy. I am sending all positive and healing thoughts to everyone in Christchurch and all of NZ! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


  1. if you race a 4X6km relay by your self I would be VERY impressed!!
    I remember in your divorce settlement, standing shooting said they would give you 10/10 for tomorrow's pursuit in exchange for bad shooting in the Individual and Sprint!

  2. Have you considered couple's counseling? I think standing shooting just has internal conflicts and really just wants to stay together...


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