Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ridnaun to Russia

Who needs pursuits anyways? That, I think, is an excellent question. I sure don't need them- especially when I miss 2 in both prones and am forced out of the race. Not the best and I am thoroughly disappointed with this race. I am severely hoping things will pluck up!

The next day a whole new adventure began. At 6am, petr and myself, and the four Aussies booked it to Munich. It was a lovely drive, and when we got to the little town of Haar, I was dumped on the sidewalk and left to wander the streets aimlessly. What I was actually trying to do was find the train station to catch the train from Haar to Munich East train station, and then the U5 train to 'Max-something' station, and then find my way on foot to the Russian embassy. It was fantastic! Has anybody seen 'Trains, planes and automobiles'? Great movie, and I think it explains everything. 

I arrived at the Russian embassy and told that man whose boss: me! He tried to make me wait and I had had enough of the Russian waiting policy where it is whoever is pushiest is next, so I told him "no, I have a flight, I need it NOW!" (hand gestures and everything- I tried the Russian scowl but mayb have just looked nauseous).  He gave it to me right away without a fuss- Success! (It wasn't a rude in any way, it was just confident!). 

I then made it back to Max-something station, ate breakfast and lost my mittens and waterbottle, and then hastily followed a little old woman around the train station and she helped me find my correct train. What a lovely lady....maybe she stole my mittens? I made it to the Munich airport, and found Petr in line with about 200 other people to check in for our flight to Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia! We waited, and waited, and then lined up in a new line and waited some more. We then got into the plane, and I think we did some more waiting. Taking off was an exciting change to the waiting, and when we arrived in Russian I heard the wonderful sound of the border-man stamping my passport, and we were in! We then waited for our bags, and then waited on the bus and at 3:30am we arrived to our hotel! Success…don’t worry, just one more wait as they did not have a room for me, but then….bed….oh how glorious! Gold bedding and curtains- High class over here in Siberia! (Over here? Maybe up here..depends where you are currently positioned on the globe).

And now I believe I love Russia. I have not seen a lot, but I have seen an abundance of fur and camo, counted 38 army men just on the 2.5km loop at the stadium, and a very impressive church. Today I will attempt to buy something from the grocery store. I know, pretty crazy, but what can I say; I’m living on the edge!

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