Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From Russia, with Love part 2

That was not how I planned to end my season. 50% shooting. 10/20. Oh goodness it hurts to even write it. It was a windy day, but I wont blame the wind. I think it was mostly me. I came in for my first prone and missed 3. The wind switched directions while shooting and I was completely off- I should have noticed though. I then came in for standing and missed 4. All me. I was feeling really good on my skis, and after my 7th miss just decided to enjoy the bloody race and get it over and done with.

I came in for my second prone and missed 2. Alright, 9 misses already- thats cool. Now I just wanted to enjoy the scenery. Lalala- oh look at the army men. Last standing- 1 miss. That's nice to finish with. I felt great on all the up hills and just enjoyed the skiing part of the race.

So...We are looking at the glass half full. Did I miss 10, or did I hit 10? I say I hit 10- so there's another positive. I ended up 88th, but three other girls missed 10- so it was not just me!

Now what? Well, I am off to Oslo. Why? Because I was hoping to be qualified for Oslo and be racing there. Unfortunately I am not, and will just be having a small vacation there instead. It sucks, but maybe I'll buy something cool like a onepiece, jumpin ( I fly to Canada on March 21st to see the family for a week, and then driving out to Vancouver Island with my sister to see some other family. April 3rd (haven't booked yet but am planning too!) is when I fly to New Zealand and start school on the 18th. Yahoo- What a month I have ahead of me!

Have fun everyone. Let's just say this season was a 'catastrophe'. I am excited for the future and to start trainingas long as I find a coach, and some sponsorship. Ahhhhhhhh-----Just keep your chin up, and all will be fine ;)

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