Monday, February 8, 2010


This week has been one to remember. Watching the Cross-country world cups was so great and inspiring, and with the perfect weather, the races could not have gone any better. Congratulations to Andy Pohl and Katie Calder for their great racing, and to the Canadians and Sara Renners Bronze medal! Great job everyone- definitely a great atmosphere for Olympic preparation.

But the real excitement and inspiration happened yesterday, here in Canmore.  I was called last week by the town of Canmore to be apart of the Olympic athlete sendoff ceremony. I said yes, thinking it was just a small thing at the civic centre. Well, it was a full on parade. I remember this same parade from 4 years ago when they did the same thing for the Torino Olympics, and how amazing and untouchable I thought the athletes were. As I walked down main street yesterday as a local girl flying the Kiwi flag, walking with all the Canadian athletes, it hit that I am now apart of that group- I have achieved that dream that seemed completely impossible just 4 years ago- even 1 year ago! And everyone in Canmore, everyone, was cheering and smiling and clapping, it was the most amazing atmosphere and that was the first time I really realized how big this all is.

Afterwards, there were speeches by the mayor and past-Olympic athletes, and they introduced us one by one. I was so touched to be a part of this ceremony. I thought that maybe I would be discluded but they treated me just as they were all the other Olympians, and that shows how great and loving people are! Thank you Canmore, I will always think of you, and you will all be taking this crazy journey with me in my heart. (A bit cheesy, sorry, but some times you need some gouda sappyness....hahaha)

I am leaving in 1 hour for my plane to Vancouver. and then its real....

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  1. Congradulations Sarah! All our best wishes for a amazing and successful Olympic experience for you! We will be rooting for you.

    Jen, Spence & Justin


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