Sunday, February 14, 2010

Race 1- 7.5km sprint

I am now officially an Olympian! Wooohooo! I raced yesterday on the first day of Olympic competitions  and it was splendid. Conditions that last few training days have been tough, with a lot of precipitation, making the course very soft and mushy. I was starter number 34 and felt good. They put a whole bunch of salt on the track right before our race which hardened the snow,  so I had no problems with the conditions. I had a great new pair of skis which beat out all my other skis- Thanks Salomon.

Right when the women started, it starting raining. But it was okay, I didn't really notice it while racing- just at the end when your soaking wet. I came in for my first prone and missed 2! What?!?! I was confused as I felt good shooting but missed- But it happens so I went on and did those dang penalty loops and came back in for standing where I missed 1. Target Delta and high- this has been a consistent problem this season unfortunately, missing high on Delta and Echo. Out on course  for the last loop and I had the most AMAZING skis- Ukraine really got it this time. They were so quick and I was passing everyone on the downhills- I LOVE YOU UKRAINE!

So I finished and my mother was there with arms wide for a hug. Not many athletes get the experience that! It was great. Ginny, our NZ physio was also there and it was so exciting to be done the first race and officially an Olympian. I could say that all day!

My final result was 82nd, which is not great, but every athlete I have spoken too had a bad day. It was a weird day because everyone felt really good, but the results weren't showing it. The World Cup leaders had the same feelings-  nobody knows why it was just strange.

Now on Schedule:
Today, Feb 14th- The Day of love- Valentines day
Feb 16th- My birthday! Woo!
Feb18th- 15km Individual and my last race!


  1. You did us proud, NZ's first ever biathlete - what a moment!

    Hope you have a good rest and put in another super race in the individual.

    Congratulations, you're an Olympian forever :)

  2. Dave, Heather, Katie, Beth-Ellen - Kananaskis - remember?February 16, 2010 at 12:15 PM

    Amazing - good for you! You should be proud of everything you have done to get to the Olympics, what an achievement! Keep it up!




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