Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The BIG news...

At 10:21am I received an email from Biathlon New Zealand; Title read "NZL Reallocation process OWGs 2010 WOMEN". This was the email we have all been waiting for. As soon as I read the word "Congratulations" I knew. The IBU had allocated a spot for New Zealand in the Olympics.

I was then officially named to the New Zealand 2010 Winter Olympic team. 

I am going to the 2010 Olympics as New Zealands first biathlete ever. I am making history, I am going to complete my life long goal, and this will hopefully help, big time, in the development of the sport in New Zealand.

I am over the moon.  (Strange saying, really)

I am currently running on adrenaline as I am so extremely jetlagged as I arrived at 4am after 3 days travel home.

Thank you to everyone for everything. This was our goal and without all your support and generosity I would not be here writing these unbelievable words.


  1. Saw the news on so zipped on over here to say 'congratulations'. To achieve such a difficult goal is amazing and we have great admiration for all your hard work and ambition.

    Having the chance to cheer for a Kiwi in biathlon at the Olympics puts a huge grin on our faces - thanks for that, and for all you do trying to raise the profile of the sport back home in NZ.

    Best wishes for getting back to 100% health after your illness. Most of all, enjoy 'living the dream' during the Olympics in BC. Congratulations!

  2. Sarah,

    Congratulations, you deserve it, enjoy and we are sooo, soo proud of you.

    Big Hug Arie and Corrie Boekel

  3. Sarah,
    We were so excited to hear your news. Congratulations! Nice to know that all your hard work has paid off. You go girl!!! We're in the States so I'm not sure how much Canadian Olympic news we'll get but we'll be in touch with your parents/Wards to find out when things are happening and see if we can pull it up on the internet. If you listen carefully you'll hear Pete & I cheering for you! We hope you're feeling better. Do remember to "enjoy the moment".
    Sending you big hugs.
    Lynn & Pete

  4. Sarah, you Go girl... thats the way we Aquarians do it!! successfully! You have worked very hard and are a great inspiration for our new younger kiwi biathletes, i'm just sorry i am now way out west and away from continuing the development of the sport for NZ, but i am sure good things will come once you are on the map and being the Mentor for all those potential young athletes. CONGRATULATIONS on getting this far, the best is yet to come. I will be glued to my set in Aussie as they have channel 9 coverage, Say Hi to Mark too if he made it as well, and Good Luck to all, Best Wishes and keep the focus, Spot ON Shot!! Lizzy Conroy


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