Thursday, January 14, 2010

Raving Ruhpolding!

I like Ruhpolding. I have decided that it is a pretty neat place. The atmosphere is amazing with all the fans and the excitement that is reverberating from the crowd is just incredible. I have a problem in Ruhpolding that I cannot stop smiling when training, and even racing. I just really enjoy it here.

The conditions were perfect on race day: No wind and fast tracks. Our race was not until 5:30pm and I did not start until 6:10pm. It is tough when racing so late because you have to try and do nothing, or very little, all day and not think to much about what is coming up. I headed to the range at 3pm and tested my skis, which Ukraine waxed phenomenally, as usual! I was starter 88 out of 118 which was alright. I had been feeling a bit sick for the last two days in my stomach and gobbled down 3 pieces of bread before my race just to try to settle it. I guess it worked because I felt much better once start time came.

I hit all 5 prone and was so excited! Woo...clean. I have been training since I was 13 in biathlon, and it is still so exciting when I shoot clean. I think it will always be exciting to hit all the targets, no matter what! I hit 4 standing, so 9/10! Yes- I was pumped-olad!

My skiing felt fine, legs were a bit tired but I think everyone's are after those dang hills. Why do I like Ruhpolding again....oh right, because of the atmosphere, because it sure isn't the course- It's a toughy!
I ended up 87th, which is my 3rd best result on World Cup.

I am staying with Anna Carin Oloffson-Zidek, Tom Zidek and their son Liam and Petr Zidek. It's nice because we can cook our own meals and just chill and hang out. So, I was 87th and Anna won the womans sprint, so I am sharing a house with a superstar. Hopefully some of her powers will rub off on me! Haha.

Anyways, I am off to Italy on Sunday for the next World Cup and then home to Canada! Woot woot!

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  1. Hey Sarah,

    I just got home from Ruhpolding and wanted to share this nice photo of Mark and you :)

    It should have made "click" a little earlier, but I needed Marks pin till I got it. Maybe you can sent him the best wishes and thanks. The beer got drunk anyway *g*.

    I think you just got a few more supporters here in Germany. We're holding the thumbs for Antholz and of course for your semi-home olympics.

    Don't forget how to ride the bob sleigh and the Cowboys & Indians... *g*



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