Friday, January 22, 2010


I am so....shocked, excited, happy, exhausted! Today I qualified for the 10km Pursuit race on Sunday. Only the top 60 get to race and this is my first time ever qualifying for a pursuit on World Cups. It is going to be interestingly fun, I hope!

I am feeling better and better on my skis. Ukraine, ONCE AGAIN, waxed a great pair of skis. I came in for my prone and hit all 5! YES! There was a German girl shooting at the same time so they were cheering like mad for her, but I was secretly telling myself it was for me. Haha. I'm a nerd, but whatever gets you going I guess. I came in for standing and decided to shoot on lane 30 as it was in the shade. Bad idea as it made an awful noise against the wall and i ended up missing 2. I went out and skied my penalty loops and back out on course.

At the start of my third loop I did not feel as good, but then I told myself "Sarah, this is your last race before the Olympics. Get up that dang hill. What is the problem here?". Well, there was no problem so I got up the hill and finished in 47th!!! Out of 100 competitors. I was top half and my second best result on the World Cup. (45th in Antholz out of 90 women). I AM SO PUMPED!

I was also informed this morning that I have been named to the New Zealand Olympic Team, PENDING alocation. I was told today I will not find out until January 28th! Scary stuff, but I am feeling so good and excited to Peak at the Olympics!

Woo! Go Team Go!


  1. Hey conglaturations!!!! Waiting for the pursuit that will be exiting!!!! GOod luck Sarah!))

  2. Fantastic again, and since you were close to Bachmann we even spotted you on TV a few times :) Also, the Eurosport UK (British) commentators picked you out personally as the top finisher of the 'smaller' teams and spent a little time speaking of your amazing improvement in results this season.
    They were impressed, as are we all!
    Can't wait for Sunday - congratulations on all your hard work paying off :-)

  3. You're so awesome honey!! keep on going!!:)) Hopefully you are alright, I didn't see you today in pursuit...!? take care:) see ya later:) hugs, Lara "finnish" Croft:D


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