Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Antholz- 15km individual

The big one is over; the Individual. We had not had a World Cup Individual race since Pokjluka, which was before Christmas. I had some issues during the zero, and went to the start line frustrated, and not completely into the race. I was starter 57 and the conditions were perfect- tiny bit of wind and clear blue skies. It is absolutely gorgeous here.

I came in for my first prone, things looked good, but then I missed two. Then I came in for my 2nd shooting, standing, things looked good, but then I missed 2. But you know what? I felt so great on my skis. I was so happy and really enjoying the race. It was amazing. My next prone I missed 1 and my next standing I also missed 1. So 6 misses total, adding 6 minutes to my time and putting me 8mins 35 seconds behind total. But I just didn't want to stop skiing. I was feeling just splendid.

My final place was 66th, which is my 2nd best place in a World Cup. This means I skied very well for me. If I hate hit all 20 I would have been 18th, but you cannot say that in Biathlon. But it really shows how much I have improved since the beginning of the season, as in Ostersund if I had shot clean I would have been in 77th position. I am so pleased with my improvement, and I am only feeling stronger and stronger!

Next race is on Friday and it is the sprint! Woo! Hold on to your pants!


  1. You're really hitting great form at the right time - come on, IBU, let NZ have a runner.....

    Congrats :)

  2. .......a runner in the Olympics, that is! >.>

  3. Hey Sarah!!!)))
    "...Watch the Christmas Chamions Race 2010 and the best favourite Sarah Murphy - coming soon on EuroSport!)))"
    I bet u will finish in first 30-s this season!)))


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