Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Awesome Alleghe

I must still write about the Pokljuka sprint, but I am on limited internet. Right now I am Alleghe, Italy in the middle of the Dolomites. I have been here for 2 days and it is just a bit of rest time before i head to Obertilliach, Austria for more training.

There is no internet in the town and only 1300 people. It is so beautiful and a great place to 'get-away' as they say. As soon as I have more internet I will fill you in on the sprint, but lets just say it was not awesome.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my 2nd X-mas away from the Fam fam, which is good as they are saving money with me away. Haha, I am hilarious!

Yay team! Stay awesome!

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