Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in a Cupboard

Christmas Eve- 2010- I am in Obertilliach, Austria in my cupboard size room. Today my father called me on Skype and my mother called my father from work on the home phone, so I was talking to my mother on skype through the phone while she was at work. Hilarious! My parents are awesome.

I drove from Alleghe, Italy to Obertilliach, Austria today. All the passes were open and it was a very nice drive through Cortina and Dobbiaco and all those crazy places. I would love to come back one day and road bike here, gorgeous!

So now I am all settled in in Obertilliach. My bathroom is bigger than my bedroom and I have no kitchen, or plug ins. I think I am in an old cupboard space or something. Oh goodness, how hilarious.

My last race in Pokjluka was not great. I woke up with a very sore quad and could not walk up or down stairs very easily. I raced on it in tough conditions and it was painful. I also did not shoot very well; 6/10. It was the most dissappointing race of the season, BUT you can always learn. I learned that falling on your tailbone in Hochfilzen can then cause problems later on in other parts of your body.

At least, this is what the Italian physio told me. He was amazing. There was one physio in this whole valley and he saw me 3 days in a row and fixed me. I walked in and he said 'Its your back'. He did not even look at my leg. Superstar? I think so! So he massaged and heated and zapped and lazered my back and now my pain is gone and I feel great! Go random man in the middle of nowhere! Woo!

I went for a nice ski in the rain today, and real training starts tomorrow. Christmas day! The greatest gift would be snow, not rain! (except for maybe world Happiness and love for everyone).

So, MERRY CHRISTMAS and I hope all your wished come true!

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