Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sorry Slovenia, but your range doesn't like me!

Thursday- 10:48am, I started a 15km Individual in Pokjluka, Slovenia. Conditions were perfect- it was -10 or something, hard and fast snow, and I was happy with my start number (54).

Coming into the range everything looked good. The wind was a little bit up from the right so I went one right and hit 5! Woo, great start! Ski, ski, ski and I was feeling good and keeping up with other competitors. Standing, that was a different story. 4 misses! 4 MISSES- WHO misses 4? I was shocked and went out on course not so pleased. Okay, prone time, this is what your good at Sarah.....3 misses. OMG, I cannot believe it. That is already 7 misses and I still have one more shooting. Crap!

I was still feeling good on the skis and coming into the last standing I was thinking "Well, seeing as your standing is awful lets try a different direction and maybe something will happen". So instead of shooting C-B-A-D-E I shot E-D-C-B-A and ended up hitting 5. Woohoo and thank goodness.

I skied hard my last loop and ended up finishing 104th. 7 misses is so bad and I am not please with myself, but.....What are ya gonna do. Don't dwell on it, figure out what the heck you did wrong and move on.

Tomorrow is a rest day and then it is the sprint on Saturday. Hope life is treating you all well. Party hard friends!

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