Saturday, December 5, 2009

Östersund World Cup!

Well, what a week it has been! I got back to Ostersund from Idre on Monday, the 30th. Back to Leif's palace which is paradise compared to any hotel. It is just amazing cooking your own food, sleeping in a wonderful bed and having place to just chill with great company. It is also only a 5 or so minute walk to the venue, which is perfect. Not gonna lie, Leif is one of the nicest people I have met!

The next day, Tuesday, was already official training for the first World Cup race; the 15km Individual. I trained with the Ukraine team, whom I absolutely love. They wax my ski, zero me, and let me travel with them for not a lot. Just an accreditation at World Cups, so I think they are amazing.

On Wednesday, at 6:52pm, I started my first Individual since last February. It is so tough racing so late because you have aaaallll day to just hang out. I would go to bed a bit later so that I could sleep later in the morning, and then wouldn't get tired being up and about all day. Anyways, the Individual was not a super race for me. My skiing felt better than in Idre, but my shooting was a bit pathetic: 1-3-1-3. SO I had 8 misses, that is 8 minutes added onto my time. I ended up 109th, but I heard 109th is the new first so its no problem.

Next blog ASAP!

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