Saturday, December 12, 2009

Keine internet= keine sprechen

WOw, hello! So, it has been crazy since I last wrote! We had no internet in Austria and I felt very disconnected.

I left Sweden on Monday at 635am. It was so sad to say goodbye to my friends but I will see them again, so its no problem. I flew to Stockholm, and then Coppenhagen, where I had 4 hours to bum around. It is an amazing airport, more like a mall. The shops are all prada, Louis Vuitton, I dunno, I'm awful with brands, but all the highest end ones. It was a bit intimidating, haha, so I hung out in the book store. Nerd Alert!

I flew from Coppenhagen to Munich, where I got onto a shuttle bus with the Polish and USA team and we rocked it up to Hochfilzen. I was staying at the same hotel as Ukraine, and the same one as last year, Gasthof Obermair. It was great, but there was no snow and upon arrival it was raining. Not so hot.

On Wednesday and Thursday our prayers were answered and some snow fell. Very wet snow, but it covered the track and made it look a lot prettier (because that is really important when your racing, to have a pretty scenery). Friday was th sprint, and I was starter 67, starting at 1145am. It was a good number and I was feeling good. During my warmup I was running up the road doing some leg lifts and, I dunno, maybe my leg lifts are a little too extreme, because I slipped, flew into the air, and landed directly onto my tail bone. Wholly mother that hurt. My dad did the same thing a few years ago, so you would know Pops!

Anyways, I was so so sore going to the start line, but it was all good. My first loop felt pretty good, but the course was very very soft. I missed 1 in prone, and that penalty loop sucked. It was a toughy. I hit 4 in standing as well so 8 out of 10, but my back was killing me from that dang fall. The finish line was really tough because it was so slow and on an uphill. Nobody looked awesome finishing yesterday, thats for sure.

Because I was not in the top 60 I was not racing in the pursuit the next day, and New Zealand once again was not putting a relay in, SO I packed up my stuff and jumped into a van with my Ukraine Papa and we drove to Italy.

I am now in Ridnaun Italy, which is so beautiful, and I will be racing tomorrow in the Sprint. Woohoo! I also saw my wonderful coach, Janez Vodichar, and the Canadian team. Ballin!

Stay awesome Superstars!

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  1. Extreme leg lifts. How did we miss that one? Miss you, good luck! And no more falling on your butt missy. Kelly


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