Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh Snow!

It was raining Christmas morning. Skiing was not the greatest and the range was closed. I had smacked my head hard on the wall during the night (Who knows what I was dreaming about) and for some reason I had no electricity in my room.

But then....lunch! Yes, things are looking up. A nice Christmas lunch out with 4 Brazilians, 1 brit, and 7 Aussies. Oh, and me, the Kiwi. Nice lunch and for dessert they gave us Heiße leibe. For those of you Germans giggling out there, "Hot love" was a great dessert (but strangely enough it was ice cream, not so hot).

Back to the accommodation and Mum and Dad opened their Christmas presents I gave them on Skype. So, we had a bit of Christmas together which was great. As I sat their watching them admiring my clay-bowl-shaped things I had made at the Borrowmans pottery studio ( I noticed a change outside.

OH MY...It' snowing! Yessssss! So, thank you Santa for bringing us the great Christmas gift. Training today was absolutely spectacular. Blue skies, no clouds, perfect snow, around -10. Beautiful!

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