Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roaring Ridnaun

Ridnaun, I am not going to lie, is absolutely amazing. It is at the very end of a big valley in the Alps in Italy and it is beautiful. I was staying at the Schneeberg, which is a fancy hotel with big rooms, 3 course lunches and dinners and a huge Sauna area with about 15 different types of saunas. Luxury!

I arrive on Friday and had Saturday off of racing. Just went for a couple skis during the day and enjoyed myself. It was nice to just be able to relax for a day. I happened to bump into my coach in the hotel whom I had not seen for 3 or so months so that was exciting. I also bumped into two Kiwis- Phil and Olivia from Wanaka. They were in Ridnaun attending an IBU development camp. We ended up eating our meals together and spending some time together. It was great to see them!

For Sunday, the sprint, I was starter 17. I was excited to start so early as I never get to in World Cups. Right behind me, number 18, was Kathrin Hitzer, winner of the day before individual and amazing German athlete. We went into the range together and to my excitement I cleaned my prone and was out on the course before her.

My skiing was feeling great and once again Ukraine made amazing skis. Hitzer and I went into the range together again and I missed 2. 8/10 again, Im getting a bit bored with this number. Come on 10/10!

Anyways, I skied hard and ended up placing 46th. 2 mins 46 secs behind the leader and at the 10%. This is exciting at the New Zealand qualification is 12.5% behind in a World Cup. So if I have a similar ski race and a bit better shooting it will be awesome!

Now I am in Bled, Slovenia about to go for coffee with my amazing sponsor Manuel Steinbach.

Stay Classy, entire World! xoxox

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