Saturday, December 5, 2009

Östersund World Cup- Sprint!

So, after the Individual the women had a 2 day break from racing. It was good, just having a normal training day, where I went for a nice classic ski and the men had their 20km Individual. Friday was official training again, and I was feeling better and better. I have now slept through 2 full nights, so I am now in the European rhythm.

Friday night, Östersund had a Christmas market, with a whole bunch of booths and such. It was really nice to go somewhere new. Whilst standing by the fire, I felt my World Cup accreditation fall from my pocket. As I am searching the ground, someone said "Oh no, the fire!". My accreditation had fallen into the fire! Who knows how but it was pretty hilarious. Anyways, now I don't have any World Cup identification until the next World Cup in Hochfilzen. So silly.

So, for the Sprint race I was starter 66. A great number, and a good start time, at 12:03pm. This race was much earlier because it was on a weekend and they wanted as many spectators as possible. That is why the Individual was so late, so people could come after work.

Back to the race. It was great. I hit 4 prone, and 4 standing- 8/10 hits, which is not amazing but I'll take it. I ended up 92nd, which is my 2nd best place in a World Cup ever. I also made the 20% qualification, so now I am all qualified for WC 4, 5 and 6! Woohoo! I also compared my times from last years exact same race and I have improved by 2 minutes or so. Which is pretty ballin, I think!

So, it was a successful day in Sarah Murphy's world. I don't think New Zealand is going to put a relay team in for tomorrows race. The whole team is pretty tired. So I am just going to go for a long ski. Haha. I leave early Monday morning for Hochfilzen, Germany. Woohoo, should be fun!

Take care, smile and have fun!!!!

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